Feather finished

When I saw this quilt I knew I just had to make it. That doesn’t happen to me very often. Time is precious – I have a part time job, two children, a husband away quite a lot, and of course Saints & Pinners – so I choose my projects carefully. But as soon as I had my hands on the long quarters needed to make this quilt, I was so eager to start.

The first job was to create this:


What you see here is about 11 and a half long quarters of fabric cut into 1-3 inch strips and pieced. All in all it measures just over two metres by 1 metre. I’m not sure about you but I was kind of dithering about whether to cut into it. It looks pretty good as is, don’t you agree? But, this dear readers isn’t a feathers quilt, it is the beginnings of one…

I downloaded and printed the instructions for the quilt from the AMH site, and the next job was to cut the feather pieces from this enormous expanse of gorgeousness. I cut out the templates (you print them off actual size – no scaling required), and after forgetting to join a couple of pieces of the template (do lots of people do this in their haste?), cut out my first two sides to a feather. Gasp! (and I draw your attention to the heinous state of my cutting board).



It’s now that you see that these feathers are pretty large, but oh so pretty!

I am making a twin quilt, and this feather here is just a tester for the feather block pattern, though I think I will frame it – the colours (orange, plus a bit of everything else) kind of go. Because it’s just a tester (and because I haven’t decided what shade background fabric I will use yet), I used bog-standard cream cotton – something I have loads of in my sewing room for jobs like this.  At this point, you add the first bits of your background fabric to the bottom of the feather.


I had to make sure that I placed the background fabric slightly off so that when I sewed the 1/4 inch seam and pressed the pieces open, the edges were aligned. Now I was ready to  stitch the spine of the feather. There’s a template for this too. I used the Kaffe shot cotton in Chartreuse. It’s perfect!


Then the top of the block…You will see a mistake here. I actually found that template ‘E’ (the triangle of cream fabric on the top right) isn’t quite big enough, so once stitched, the edge of the background fabric on the right side doesn’t meet the edge of the feather. Not to worry, I just cut out a bigger piece of fabric, and trimmed its edges when I trimmed the block at the end.



One ‘Gypsy’ pack ordered as long quarters is enough patterned fabric to make a twin quilt, or Rosanne helpfully suggested that she might do a ‘string pieced’ version, which allows you to use scraps for this one – here’s a link to the method if you don’t know what string pieced is… which I didn’t. Dur.

PLUS! Don’t forget we have a giveaway on at the moment through Twitter for 8 quarters of Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study.

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  1. Yep, and you should see my scraps and strips I have tucked away for this project! Now all I need is the calico for the foundation.

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